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Recreational Facility Fee Information

Notice: Beginning January 1, 2017, Oakmont PUD (Auburn Lakes) and Northampton MUD will no longer share facilities.

Northampton residents will no longer have use of the Auburn Lakes pool or weight room. Auburn Lakes resident may pay the out-of-district fee to use Northampton MUD pools, tennis courts and weight room.

Reservations for rental of Northampton buildings and pavilions will be limited to Northampton residents. Oakmont PUD and Northampton will honor all 2017 reservations previously made. The Northampton MUD has plans for new and improved facilities, including a splash pad, additional trails, new tennis courts, expansion of the weight room, and other improvements. Any questions may be directed to the Northampton MUD office: 281-376-3499.

Time to Renew your Recreational Fees!

Your 2017 fees are due for use of the Northampton Recreational Facilities. In order to have uninterrupted use of the facilities, please print and mail the form (see below) to our office along with your payment. Make sure to include your access card numbers on the form. Payment must be made by February 15, 2017.

If you are new to Northampton and would like to have access to the pools, weight room and tennis courts, you may come by our office to make your payment and receive your access cards. Please bring cash or check along with proof of your address.

We are located at 6012 Root Rd, Spring, Teas 77389 and open from 8:30 – 4:30 Monday – Friday. If you have any questions, please call us: 281-376-3499.
Click HERE for more information.

Residents may print and fill out the following form for your 2016 Recreational Facility User Fee and return it along with your payment to Northampton M.U.D., 6012A Root Rd, Spring, Texas 77389

Printable Northampton Recreation Form

The New Northampton Directory is now available Online!!!!

Northampton 2016 Directory

The following are revised directions:

In order to protect your privacy, the Directory is available to Northampton residents only.

• To view the directory you must first register, after which you may access the directory with your chosen user name and password.

• Your registration requires you to provide your account number (XXXXX-XXXXXXXXXX), name, and address as they appear on your water bill (i.e., please use Dr not Dr. or Drive).

• DO NOT use the same user name or email address you may have used to sign up for the Northampton Maintenance Fund website. Please create a unique sign in name.

• Please use only your five digit zip code.

You will also be required to provide your email address in the registration. Be assured, your email address will not be sold, or provided to any vendor. Once you have provided the required information, you will be prompted to set up a user name and password. The directory allows you to search by last name or street name.

We urge
you to review your profile and edit as necessary. For example, if you wish for your email address to not be displayed in the directory, you must edit your profile whereby you uncheck the box called “check for public”. If the “opt out” people wish to access the directory, please call our office to create an account.

You may speak with Phillip or Lisa at Northampton MUD 281-376-3499 with questions or concerns.

Thank you for participating in the Northampton Directory!

Water costs, it's a matter of fact

Please read this important information.

Trash Collection
WCA recently acquired Texas Trash and will provide trash collection going forward. Collections remain unchanged with the same routes and drivers. WCA may be contacted at 281-368-8397. For more information, click HERE.

E-Bulletin Sign Up
The Northampton E-mail Bulletin is a great way to stay informed about issues concerning our MUD. Interested residents may sign up to receive information via e-mail. These e-mail bulletins provide news related to MUD Board activities. If you wish to sign up for our e-mail bulletin, or if you previously signed up, but your e-mail address has changed, please sign up! Your e-mail address will not be released to others.

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Many of the documents found on our web site are in Adobe PDF format. In order to view these documents, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is a free program from Adobe and you may download it at www.adobe.com.

Remember to be Water Wise & Water Smart
The Northampton MUD actively promotes water conservation and tips for saving water. Please visit our conservation tips. You may also visit the WaterWise and WaterSmart web sites for more information.