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Northcrest and Inway 11am – 9pm Saturdays, 11am – 8pm on Sundays
Through September 11/12

Northampton Directory 2016
Back by popular demand!...... Northampton MUD is pleased to have begun work on the new Northampton Directory 2016!
“…. an essential tool for emergencies and neighborhood life!

We will use our database of the public water meter records, and from there, customize the information for the directory layout.
As you know, this is a large task, so we need the resident’s help in providing the most accurate, up to date information on each listing.

Please use one of the 2 methods below to confirm your information.
1. Follow this link to submit your information or opt out of the Directory.
2. Contact the Northampton MUD office at 281-376-3499 between 8:30-4:30. The staff member will pull your file and confirm the information to be included or opt out.

Please know that the MUD will not, under any circumstances, sell the information gathered.

Aquatics Proposal

Click For Detailed Proposal pdf

Recreational Facility Fee Information
Access to unique facilities such as tennis courts, swimming pools, and fitness facility is available to all residents who pay an annual user fee of $200 and non-residents who pay $500. The fee for non-residents with children on the swim team only (no access card will be issued) is $150. 
Click HERE for more information.

Residents may print and fill out the following form for your 2016 Recreational Facility User Fee and return it along with your payment to Northampton M.U.D., 6012A Root Rd, Spring, Texas 77389

Printable Northampton / Hampton Creek Residents Recreation Form

Printable Auburn Lakes Residents Recreation Form

Auburn Lakes Residents may submit their form to renew access to the recreational facilities by clicking below. If this is not a renewal, you must pick up your access cards the Northampton MUD Building during regular office hours between 8:30-4:30, Monday through Friday.

Auburn Lakes Residents Recreation Online Form

Trash Collection
WCA recently acquired Texas Trash and will provide trash collection going forward. Collections remain unchanged with the same routes and drivers. WCA may be contacted at 281-368-8397. For more information, click HERE.

E-Bulletin Sign Up
The Northampton E-mail Bulletin is a great way to stay informed about issues concerning our MUD. Interested residents may sign up to receive information via e-mail. These e-mail bulletins provide news related to MUD Board activities. If you wish to sign up for our e-mail bulletin, or if you previously signed up, but your e-mail address has changed, please sign up! Your e-mail address will not be released to others.

Adobe PDF Format
Many of the documents found on our web site are in Adobe PDF format. In order to view these documents, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is a free program from Adobe and you may download it at www.adobe.com.

Remember to be Water Wise & Water Smart
The Northampton MUD actively promotes water conservation and tips for saving water. Please visit our conservation tips. You may also visit the WaterWise and WaterSmart web sites for more information.